Interview with HEART STUDIO

Heart Studio is the multidisciplinary design consultancy of

Bruno Savona and Martina Silli. Their signature style consists of an unusual interaction between the manual and the digital, the instinctual and the precise, the spontaneous and the meticulous. They are based in Santadi, Sardinia.


When we decided to move back to Sardinia, we started thinking what of Heart Studio needed to change in order to keep going and be sustainable in the new context. Therefore we set up three different strands:

Commissions: as a multidisciplinary design studio we work with a range of clients on a commission basis. Along with consultancy, we offer a wide range of services from concept development, branding, graphic design, illustration to textile design and exhibition design. Our aim is to make works that provoke emotions.

Learning: we develop and run a series of workshops on our key areas of expertise – graphic design, illustration and print. We are really happy about our collaboration with Museo Nivola in Orani, where we’ve run several screen-printing workshops. We also work with Fallani Venezia, an historic artist screen-printing workshop that was set up in 1968 in Venice. There we’ve had the amazing opportunity to talk about Sardinian traditional patterns and how those can be applied to screen-printing techniques. It’s been very important for us to be able to present our tradition in a place like Venice, and to see many students and designers from ISIA of Urbino and IUAV of Venice interested in our work. We also teach design in some art schools in Cagliari.

Limited editions: we produce limited-edition screen prints on paper and textile. Lately we have been working on a small collection of hand printed scarves. We have been really careful with the choice of fabric to make them as we wanted it to be ethically sustainable. So far we have been opting for polyester and cotton muslin, which are great as they also allow us to keep the costs down and sell the scarves at an affordable price. Moving forward we are looking to use a range of ethically produced silks.


We are pretty optimistic about the future. Although it hasn’t been easy, we are happy where we’ve got so far with Heart Studio. Without really realising it, we’ve gone a long way with the project. We are recognised in the sector. Our plans are to keep improving and learning. We believe that professional development is key both for the artistic and the business side of our practice. Currently we are planning to invest on workshop and printing production facilities that will allow us to develop our work further.

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