NDSM Werf.

by Valerio Cerasani


Dealing with the urban landscape means dealing with people. The social is always political, by looking at the city you can sense which direction contemporary society is planning to take. From the center to the margins, you can observe a geography of securitized areas, of dormitory neighborhoods, of transit zones designed for big migratory flows. It’s something that I have been able to observe and absorb in totally different contexts, like in Gallarate, the city just outside of Milan where I was born, and in Berlin where I live now.
This is where this work comes from, it is an example of how urban landscape, sustainable, ‘smart’ architecture and public space are connected. I’ll try to explain myself. I took these photos in a ‘new’ area of Amsterdam where mostly students, artists and in general, people who cannot afford to live in the city center, live. This housing complex immediately struck me because it’s made of ship containers stacked one up the other. Bright colors have been chosen to make everything look cool and friendly. It reminded me of Franco Fontana’s photos and so I played with colors and shapes… my work always contains geometrical elements. As I went further into it, I was not just thinking about the pictures, but also about how this place doesn’t look like a periphery but it still is one in a sense. Urban planners decide to build these types of estate, it’s eco-friendly and cool…but this display of sustainable creativity hides the problem in a shiny package without solving it: skyrocketing rents, super expensive public transportation, a policed city center only fit for touristic consumption. Those that can’t afford living closer to the center get moved to a building like this one, intriguing at first sight but that also make you think about bright colored prison cells.
And is in between these lines and shapes that you can start thinking about the now and try to understand what’s happening here and in other cities.


Valerio Cerasani is an artist based in Berlin. Stemming from his political activism and interest in urban planning, his practice is a continous research on landscapes through the exploration of their visual potentials. Last summer he developed a new photographic series about the shipping container student accommodations at NDSM Werf in Amsterdam Noord.

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