Interview with Lady Neptune

Lady Neptune, aka Moema Meade, is a musician and visual artist based in Glasgow. Their lo-fi aesthetics mixes humor, DIY culture, punk hardcore and pink diamonds.


Those things, plus pop tarts, hindu temples and girls dancing in sparkling silver sandals.

I don’t usually think of ideas for songs and write them down. They are reactions to my own emotions caused by life events, and in that way I guess I write music pretty organically. It can be anything, someone pissing me off, something making me laugh. For example, I wrote Sonic Light after texting goodbye to someone I wouldn’t be seeing for a while, I joked about them becoming a ball of light, i.e my phone screen. I said “goodbye human boy, hello ball of light” and I felt bad that maybe they thought I was upset so I wrote them a song about how being a sonic light is awesome.

YES! Mainstream culture both baffles me and fascinates me simultaneously. Humour is definitely a big part of my work because of that. I like to use girls in my videos because there’s a really old stigma about girls not being funny. The person who makes me laugh the most ever is Eve who danced in the video for words. She was just dancing in the hallway like that on her own for about 10 minutes before I started filming her.


I discovered film making while studying fashion styling at uni which has become my favoured media right now. Unfortunately i didn’t discover fashion styling, although I think that has had an impact on my aesthetic in general. I use music to investigate art and vice versa, and this has meant Lady Neptune is increasingly becoming an art project, I mean I’m not really sure yet but the lines are certainly being blurred.

Right now I’m doing exactly that. Making plans for the future. I’ve been working with Joey Fourr on his album and we’ll be touring throughout spring and summer, as well as other projects releasing albums and EP’s (As Ondas, Dog Legs, Black Jesus Kids). So during that time I’m taking the opportunity to think about where I’m heading with Lady Neptune. Whether it’s with art practise or re-visiting her as a music project. Having said that I have a group exhibition with The School of the Damned at the Horse Hospital in London opening on the 7th of February.